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Jenn Shaw

In every person, there is a delicate blend of personal and professional, but in everything I touch,  I am an undefinable goddess. Here to get the job done, but do it with style and an insatiable appetite for doing it right. There are many identities of Jenn Shaw, all of them happen to be #bossassbitch, #nastywoman identities. I do not fit into any box, or conform to any ideal someone has set out for me. I can run companies, be an adrenaline junky, zen out on my favorite beach and be a world traveler, and still have a dozen identities I haven't explored.


As an experienced professional, and an even more experienced human, it's the culmination of so many varieties of moments that make me who I am. I knew early I could do a lot with little. This #world is mine, and I will be damned if I don't grab it by its patriarcal balls and show it who's #girlboss. To every person in the world, I urge you to continue to try on new identities as frequently as you can, and always remember, they are for you—and no one else.


Keep what works, and leave the rest. 

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