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Social Enterprise Spotlight, March 2016


Grow Faster – Networking as a Platform, May 2015


NextGenVest Global Summit - "Financing Your Passion", April 2015


Connections 2014, Women in Telecom, October 2014


Grace Institute LeadHERship, September 2014


The Influential Woman: Learning to Persuade & Succeed at Work Every Day, June 2014


New York Law School Women in Technology, April 2014


Crowdfunding Your Invention – The Panel, March 2014


The What if…? Conference, March 2014


Google Women Techmakers Summit, March 2014


CreatingIs: Learning Is Power, February 2014


Organic Community Growth from Scratch, January 2014


A Community of Collaboration, November 2013


TEDxHobokenWomen, November 2012

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